Additives from Natural Sources Can be Highly Toxic

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MSG is natural. It is a sodium salt from glutamic acid, which is an amino acid. MSG was originally isolated from seaweed but is now made by fermenting corn, potatoes and rice. MSG is naturally present in tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. MSG is also highly dangerous to your health.

A recent study used rats to determine the effects of MSG on obesity. Rats given MSG developed obesity, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome X. MSG can disrupt the endocrine system and wreak havoc with metabolism. This explains how a person can hardly anything and still putting on weight.

Natural flavors are what is known as “isolates.” Many natural products contain compounds that in isolation can be extremely harmful. When a whole plant, fruit or vegetable is consumed, other compounds are present that neutralize any harmful effects. When natural flavors are consumed as isolates, the compounds become harmful.

The word spice is another innocuous sounding ingredient. However, in the world of food marketing “spice” is a word that has hidden meaning. Ever notice how individual spices are not listed in ingredient lists? Most people think that the individual spices are not listed because the creator of the product doesn’t want to give away secrets. Untrue. When you see the word “spices,” it indicates that toxic additives are hidden in the food product.

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